aw '19

Print and structure reference the construct of crosswords in Halo Labels AW19 collection. Cryptic, coded, geometric: patterning takes its clue from the checkerboard form of puzzles. Decisive, witty: a graphic that is straight-forward and intended to be deciphered. Cut in structured silhouettes in soft tones, this collection echoes the playfulness of Halo Labels signature GAUZE garments. Layers of diaphanous gauze become opaque; tonality, iridescent. Lustrous color and descriptive form are meant to be reinterpreted. Just as a crossword invites serious reflection in the comfort of home, AW19 presents form and texture pared down to bodywear that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Photography by Bennie Julian Gay
Styled by Cwojdi.
Hair and Makeup by Ayami Yamada
© Halo Labels 2019