ss '19

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Halo Labels '19 spring summer collection is haunted by the nostalgia for the futures lost. Especially those of the 60's space age, characterised by an optimistic vision of the coming century with its pursuing technologi- cal revolution, an optimism rarely managing to manifest itself into a reality, except for in pioneering ideas that captured the imagination of mid century design. The rounded edges of the clothes are symbolic in their conceptual relationship to gravity. Shiny opalescent textures and transparent simple cuts create a uniform look to this season's collection and echo a melancholy for techniques and formulas of this space age period. The core item of the collection is the universal yet futuristic GAUZE shirt made of several layers of pure cotton textile. It is hand dyed and creased to form a unique opalescent texture. The GAUZE has quali- ties similar to muslin. it is equally soft, sheer and diaphanous. The delicate layered fabric is extremely lightweight and ensures exellent absorbency, making GAUZE a basic item for all seasons.

Photography by Claude Gerber.
Production by @BeiBob Agency Berlin.
Styled by @cwojdi.
© Halo Labels 2019