Soft matter is a physical system that can be classifed as neither a liquid nor a solid. They include among others liquid crystals, foams, gels, biological membranes, and polymers. The ambiguity of the state of the matter, like elasticity, softness, lightness, or transparency, brings to mind some characteristics of different fabrics. The core item of the collection is GAUZE, 100 % pure cotton that is extremely soft, sheer and diaphanous. It is a universal, yet compelling material for all seasons and everyday use. With its playful approach to painted or cut-out details, the collection also touches upon non-functionality and humor, by adding at the same time an optical depth to the physical form and the texture. Due to the artisanal techniques used for the production of this garment each piece is unique with slight variances. The process used to develop these pieces is a crucial point of the collection and creates the signature look. SOFT MATTERS nonseasonal collection affirms comfort, softness and playfulness within oneself, focusing simultaneously on the production of our garments locally, in fair conditions. Finally the clothes were presented in collaboration with the Berlin based artist Sayuri Chetti, who created the set design for the collection's look book and editorial shoot. Her backdrop collages were made with the actual '18 Soft Matters collection clothing patterns.

Photographed by Bennie Julian Gay.
Styled by Paulina Cwojdzinska.
Presented by Sayuri Chetti.
Creative direction by Ala Sowiar.
Halo Labels 2018