Dancers: Tarren Johnson, Benjamin Creek, Vivi Hoang, Sandra Kosorotova
Photo by Bennie Julian Gay @bennie_gay
Styling by Paulina Cwojdzinska @cwojdzini
Video by Emilia Kurylowicz@__emilxa__
and Ala Sowiar @halolabels © Halo Labels 2017
Increase the life span of your clothes is the title of the collection, the word game that sets in the feeling of caring and safety, of the mental comfort connected to the material and the inner worlds. For Halo Labels, feeling good in our clothes, learning how to take care of the body and the surroundings we occupy, is directly linked to the awareness. In the precarious chaotic reality where humans forget how to just be, and how to tune into their pure self, Halo Labels offers a collection that affirms freedom, well-being and pleasure of being who you are. The film and the photographs show a movement practice class in which the models are able to comfortably celebrate the unrestraint movement, peace and togetherness.